TIRAMISU to participate to “Mine Action 2015”

TIRAMISU to participate to “Mine Action 2015”

Between the 27th and the 30th of April 2015, the beautiful Croatian city of Biograd will be host to the 12th International Symposium and Equipment Exhibition "Mine Action 2015".

The purpose of this Symposium is to provide an overview of the latest scientific and practical achievements, to identify challenges and offer sustainable solutions in Mine Action. As such the Symposium will provide an opportunity for all involved or interested in Mine Action to broaden their contacts with interested parties from both private and public sectors at national and international level. Special emphasis will be given to the exhibition and a field demonstration of equipment to foster an exchange of experiences and problems - both from a technological and managerial perspective

As the objective of the TIRAMISU project is to provide the Mine Action community with a toolbox to assist in addressing the many issues related to Humanitarian Demining, representatives of the TIRAMISU project will participate to the symposium, by both giving talks at the plenary session and supporting the exhibition and the field day, where the latest solutions of the TIRAMISU Project and new developments in the field of robotic systems will be demonstrated.

Building upon the success from past events, a demonstration of underwater survey and demining will also be performed. This "replay" will be complemented by a "first", with the first demonstration of the disposal of explosive devices containing depleted uranium.