The TIRAMISU and ICARUS projects, led by the Royal Military Academy of Belgium, were presented during the 6th edition of the ¨IARP RISE 2012 WORKSHOP¨ in Warsaw

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The Institute of Mathematical Machines (IMM), partner of the TIRAMISU project, organised the international workshop on Robotics for Risky Interventions in the Conference Room of the Institute in Warsaw (Poland) on 11th - 13th September 2012.

This sixth edition was organised in the framework of activities of the working group of the IMM on Risky Intervention and Surveillance of the Environment (RISE). This working group, running from 2006, is coordinated by the University of Karlsruhe of Germany and the Royal Military Academy of Belgium (RMA), leader of the Tiramisu Project.

During this edition the audience was introduced to this initiative, funded by the FP7, with the help of the professors Yvan Baudoin and Manuel Armada from the Belgian Royal Military Academy. The TIRAMISU project aims to provide the Mine Action Community with a toolbox to assist in addressing the many issues related to Humanitarian Demining.

Moreover, the ICARUS project, also led by the RMA, was presented by the professor G. De Cubber. The ICARUS project aims to develop robotic tools which can assist “human” crisis intervention teams. The consortium is also working in bridging the gap between the Research community and end-users, by developing a toolbox of integrated components for unmanned Search and Rescue.

The 6th IARP (International Advanced Robotics Program) workshop focused on the combined use of UGV and UAV during Humanitarian missions (Humanitarian Demining, Search and Rescue Operations, a.o.). This event was an excellent opportunity for the partners of the TIRAMISU and ICARUS projects to discuss on possible international cooperation among other countries and exchange best practices on robotic systems.

The 6th IARP workshop was coupled with the Joint Committee Forum of the International Advanced Robotics Program.

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